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released April 12, 2012

Jake - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Viktor - Bass, Backup Vocals
Noel - Drums
Bryan - Guitar on "All Screwed" and "Is It Noise"

Recorded by Jeremy Scott at Bisi Studios and Jake Pepper in our practice cave
Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Schenke



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NT Brooklyn, New York

NT are a trio from Brooklyn, NY contact:

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Track Name: All Screwed
You might have more to lose
but in the end we're all screwed
You might have more to see
but in the end everyone's me
everybody wants me

You might spend all your life
looking at a blinding light
you might have too much time
On your hands. so do I
Don't know what to do with mine

All Screwed

Maybe you got somewhere to be.
Anywhere but this scene
It's not where you are,
It's how you leave.
And did you achieve your dreams?
what's your dream?
every body wants me
everybody needs a piece

All Screwed
Track Name: Arcade
Step in past the plastic doors
Now you'll have your guided tour
Stick a nickel in a slot
Masturbate into a sock

In My Arcade

Saw you reading all the rules
Saw you try and always lose
Saw you riding all the rides
Hope you had a real good time
Keep on beating on that drum
Keep on spitting at the sun
Now you smash the plastic doors
Whats in my arcade is yours

In My Arcade

Last night, I slept outside the arcade.
Track Name: Obsolete
Is relevance relevant?
Find out what it means to be obsolete

crawl back to the womb.

Imagine: Obsolescence
ok. now, imagine:
What's the opposite of obsolete?
All I see: a video stream
playing the feed
from a camera
aimed at the tv screen
which is playing a tape
of vintage advertisements, man.
They're old advertisements.

Crawl back to the womb.

Track Name: Is It Noise?
Is it noise,
or is it art?
Is it tearing me apart?
Is it noise,
or am I dead?
Is it just stuck in my...
Is it noise?
Are we cool?
How should we smile?
Where should we drool?
Is it Noise?
Can I go to bed?
Oh shit, Its stuck in my head

Stuck in my head

Is it me?
Is it you?
Is it just something to do?
Is it noise?
can't we just be friends?
oh. you wanna ride it out to the end? alright
Is it noise?
Is it art?
Is it tearing me apart?
Is it noise?
Can I go to bed?
Aw shit. It's stuck in my head